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Need a complete fax and
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  • Unlimited calling and faxing
  • Manage from any location
  • Project a professional image
  • No setup fees, or contracts!

Save up to 60% on
your phone system!

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Power your fax communication with extreme features.

eXtremeFax handles all your incoming faxes so your lines are never tied up, and no one ever gets a busy signal.

  • Choose a toll-free or local number to send and receive faxes from around the world.
  • Send and receive faxes by email, either from your PC or your phone.
  • Receive notifications by SMS, email, and on your PC, whenever you get an incoming fax. Get faxes delivered directly to your email inbox
  • Forward messages as easily as you’d send an email attachment.
  • View a complete record of all of your fax messages in your online account.
  • Fax machine and dedicated line not required.

Turn your PC into a complete messaging center with eXtremeFax Call Controller™

  • Preview and print faxes.
  • Design custom cover sheets.
  • Annotate and sign your faxes electronically.
  • Broadcast faxes directly to your Microsoft® Outlook® contacts.

Send a fax from any Microsoft Windows® application.

  • Send a fax as easily as printing a document or sending an email.
  • Select eXtremeFax as your printer to send a fax from any PC application
  • Drag and drop a document into Call Controller to fax it.

Take voice messages, too.

  • Use the Call Controller to receive eXtremeFax voice messages, and manage messages with visual voicemail.
  • Create custom greetings.
  • Sync caller ID information with Outlook contacts.
  • Receive email notifications with voice message attachments.

Protect your files with maximum security.

  • Transmit every fax over an encrypted connection automatically.
  • Keep faxes in your password protected online account.
  • Dial your eXtremeFax number for password-protected retrieval of your voice messages.

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